TOPLESS BREAD Combinations

LEGEND: P=Pumpernickel / F=French Bread / S=Sourdough
No Description P F S
E 1 Fried Eel/Scrambled Egg/Watercress B BB B
E 2 Smoked Eel/Raw or Scrambled Egg/Watercress B BB B
F 1 Fried Plaice/Remoulade/Lemon Slice/Parsley B
H 1 Spiced Herring/Chopped Apple/Chop Pickled Beets B
H 2 Marinated Herring/Fresh Dill B
H 3 Marinated Herring/Whipped Cream Horseradish/Chives B
H 4 Marinated Herring/Remoulade/Chopped Red Onion B
H 5 Curried Herring/Chopped Red Onion B
H 6 Fried Herring/Remoulade/Fresh Onion Rings B
L 1 Smoked Salmon/Lemon Slice/Dill B
L 2 Smoked Salmon/Honey/Red Pepper Flakes B
L 3 Smoked Salmon/Bay Shrimp/Boiled Egg/Mayo/Lemon Slice/Chives B
M 1 Mackerel in Tomato Sauce/Mayo B B
S 1 Bay Shrimp/Lemon Slice/Caviar B
S 2 Bay Shrimp/Sliced Boil Egg/Lemon Slice/Caviar B B
T 1 Tuna Salad/Chopped Red Onion/Slivered Almonds B B

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