::Let’s Begin!

This first blog entry is essentially inspired by the Danish word, ‘hygge‘. The meaning of the word is derived from the ‘cozy’ feeling one gets from the company of good friends. For anyone who enjoys the ‘coziness’ of friendship…and yes, food accompanied by drink – ‘hygge‘ exemplifies this experience.  And it is within this context of ‘hygge‘ that I hope to share with you of my lifetime passion of smørrebrød, which I affectionately call ‘topless bread’.  Once you come to understand the simple ritual involved in preparing these wonderful slices for yourself and friends, you will discover an even greater appreciation of the word ‘hygge‘ and indeed, the magic that these plates can bring to the palettes of your friends and family.

Thus, the goal of this new blog is to take you on a completely different type of gastronomic journey. It will teach you how to see the art of ‘topless bread’ as a modern creative and yes, healthy alternative to the idea sandwich making. Not only will there be step-by-step recipe instructions, you will learn about various Danish traditions, the simple etiquette of eating the ‘topless’ way and how to make your own creations. In preparing these traditional one-of-a-kind dishes you will hopefully become more comfortable in preparing modern versions from scratch and also learn how to appreciate the use of fresh and organic ingredients in your own dishes. And I’ll provide links to my inspiration and share in the many experiences learned in the kitchen from my Danish mother and bedstemor (grandmother). 

So, let’s begin.


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