OTHER: Æfterårs Æblegløgg/Autumn Apple Gløgg

A fresh alternative to red gløgg from claus meyer
4 Servings

3-1/2tbsp / (50g) raw sugar
1  med / (7cm) vanilla bean
4 whole cardamom seeds
4 whole cloves
Little bit of fresh grated nutmeg
4 whole allspice seeds
1 slice / (1cm) fresh ginger
3 tbsp / (1/2 dl) apple cider vinegar
4c / (1 l) cold-pressed apple juice
1 apple
50 dried cranberries or almonds (raw)

Melt half of the sugar in a pot over medium heat and allow it to caramelize to a pretty golden color. Add the spices and warm them up in the caramel. Take the pot of warm sugar and add the vinegar and possible a little water if the vinegar cooks completely away. Afterwards add the apple juice, dried cranberries and the rest of the sugar.

Warm the gløgg up again and add right before serving a slice (or small diced pieces) of apple along with some almonds.

One can also add calvados, brændevin or some other spiced Christmas beverage and flavor as you wish.

Gløgg will become better if you allow a day or two for the spices to mingle. Just filter before adding the cranberries and apple.

Enjoy with brunekager!

Serve warm with cinnamon cookies.


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