CHASING CLAUS: Claus Meyer Takes on Japanese Television

Here is update on our foodie cousin and yes, chef Claus Meyer.


Dr.DK/Nyheder/Kultur 28. January 2010 14.37 Culture
Written by Mikkel Fyhn Christensen

Beginning this Saturday up to 25 million Japanese people will be exposed to gastronomic pursuits of Claus Meyer. 

The Danish Embassy in Tokyo has made a deal with one of Japan’s major satellite channels – BS Fuji – to send 13 sections of “New Scandinavian Cooking”.

Around the World 
The program is an English-language version of the travel program, “Food in the north,” which aired on DR in 2007, and the English version has already been for most of the world.
Both the Germans, Italians, Frenchmen, Americans, Chinese and Australians have been given insight into Claus Meyer’s relationship to food, and now the Japanese will have this opportunity.
“New Scandinavian Cooking” is nicely produced and beautifully tells of the Danish food culture and Danish ingredients. Since Denmark is already seen through Japanese eyes as a very exciting country, I am therefore confident that this will be a very well received program, ” said Toru Moriya, who is program manager at BS Fuji. 

Possibility of Exporting 
Claus Meyer himself is also happy for this attention:
“I’ve always been a great admirer of Japanese culture and cuisine, and hope that the TV series and the exposure of Danish and Scandinavian food may pave the way for giving me the opportunity to present Danish food in Japan later this year”, says Claus Meyer, who in addition to his cooking also produces food.
“And it might even be the starting point for a commercial collaboration – who knows?”, says Claus Meyer.

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