CHASING CLAUS: Noma hailed best Nordic restaurant

Though co-owner Claus Meyer was not present, it was his partner Rene Redzepi of Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen along with Lau Richter (restaurant chief), who accepted the honor.
Rene Redzepi of the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Archive of Politiken
Foto: SARA GALBIATI (arkiv)

Norden / News and Events / News / 2010-01-18
Original Norden Press Release (English) 
Sponsorer for The Nordic Prize: Danish Crown & Arla Foods.

“The winner of the first Nordic prize was announced at the Søllerød Kro restaurant in Denmark on Sunday by a jury of five, one from each Nordic country.

Noma, which is an abbreviation of the Danish for Nordic food, has been one of the most succesful restaurants in the world in recent years. Run by head chef and partner René Redzepi, the restaurant has two Michelin stars and previous awards include being named the third best restaurant in the world.

Redzepi actively promotes Nordic cuisine, both at Noma and in his capacity as an ambassador for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme New Nordic Food, which promotes Nordic food culture and gastronomy as well as design and tourism associated with food. The programme drew to a close at the end of last year but received a new mandate until 2014.

Dill Restaurant, which is located in the Nordic House in Reykjavik, was the only one of the restaurants nominated not to have a Michelin star.


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