A Cheat Sheet for GoingTOPLESS WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR PANTRY…from the bottom up! See Topless Bread blog for recipes* FOUNDATION TYPES OF BREADS Multigrain Pumpernickel Bread (fuldkorns rugbrød)* White Bread (franksbrød / surbrød) –  use French / Sourdough Bread TYPES OF SPREADS Butter (smør)…I prefer using Danish Lurpak Butter or Danish Creamery Browned Butter … Continue reading

Bedstemor’s Bottom Drawer

Things always have an odd way of reappearing when you need them…especially, those special little treasures from the past.  I had not realized that over the years since I first acquired them that I had somehow split my collection of family cookbooks and recipes into several locations.  The beginning of this blog journey seems to … Continue reading


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MID-SUMMER’S NIGHT…or How to Celebrate Sankt Hans Aften like the Danes

Things You’ll Need:BlanketChairTwigs and old clothes (optional)Picnic foodPicnic basket+Trash bags to take your garbage away Residents of Denmark celebrate the Mid-Summer’s Night with Sankt Hans Aften, otherwise known as Saint John’s Day, on June 24. The celebration is a tradition that stretches all the way back to pagan times, when it was considered a celebration … Continue reading