Today, I am introducing a little feature that will be called ENTERTAINMENT TIPS + PET PEEVES. GRAPES  When serving these little morsels the host/hostess should snip them into little bundles to allow guests to take a tiny bunch without…having to rip them free from the mother ship. There is nothing worse than a guest trying … Continue reading

NEWS / Nyheder: Copenhagen Cooking 2010

    For the sixth consecutive year, the Danish Capital of Copenhagen is hosting it’s annual food festival, Copenhagen Cooking 2010.  This ten day city wide event provides gastronomic opportunities for both the large and small appetite and scales…and we don’t just mean the weight that may be gained by enjoying all this wonderful Nordic … Continue reading

Introducing Kids to TOPLESS Sandwiches

Let this time before school starts up again to be the time to get the kids involved in making their own healthy lunches. Here is a great little diagram from the Danish website: http://www.2gangeomugen.dk (which translates to ‘2 times a week’).  This chart illustrates the five important components of a healthy child’s lunch using a … Continue reading

August is National Sandwich Month

Welcome to NATIONAL SANDWICH MONTH (August)…now there is no excuse not to go TOPLESS! With picnics in full swing and school just around the corner, what better time than to expand the sandwich repertoire than with some openface sandwiches. Make this sandwich type a healthy staple of your daily menu. Using the healthiest multi-grain bread … Continue reading