Today, I am introducing a little feature that will be called ENTERTAINMENT TIPS + PET PEEVES.
When serving these little morsels the host/hostess should snip them into little bundles to allow guests to take a tiny bunch without…having to rip them free from the mother ship. There is nothing worse than a guest trying to take a few and having to tackle the mighty bunch. 
USES:  danish cheese board / dansk ostebord
2 Responses to “ENTERTAINMENT TIPS + PET PEEVES: Grapes”
  1. Keri says:

    So true. It's things like this that are little but important. It's all in the detail, and detail shows passion for a thing, no? keri

  2. kelesney says:

    thanks keri…this was something my little danish grandmother showed me as a child to do for your guests. she had this lovely ornate pair of grape scissors that she would place next to the bowl – just in case, the little bunches were too much and needed extra clipping. her guests were always appreciative of these little details.

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