CHASING CLAUS: Noma hailed best Nordic restaurant

  Though co-owner Claus Meyer was not present, it was his partner Rene Redzepi of Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen along with Lau Richter (restaurant chief), who accepted the honor. Rene Redzepi of the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Archive of Politiken Foto: SARA GALBIATI (arkiv) NOMA HAILED BEST NORDIC RESTAURANT Norden / News and Events / … Continue reading

CHASING CLAUS: Claus Meyer Takes on Japanese Television

Here is update on our foodie cousin and yes, chef Claus Meyer. CLAUS MEYER TAKES ON JAPANESE TELEVISION  “Claus Meyer indtager japansk tv” Dr.DK/Nyheder/Kultur 28. January 2010 14.37 CultureWritten by Mikkel Fyhn Christensen Beginning this Saturday up to 25 million Japanese people will be exposed to gastronomic pursuits of Claus Meyer.  The Danish Embassy in Tokyo … Continue reading

BAKERY/BAGERI: Slow Bake Pumpernickel

To quote my sister…”whose my little pumpernickel?” This wonderfully dense multigrain bread is such a part of who we are that we have even taken it upon ourselves to use it as a term of endearment toward each other.  Yet, it is also an acquired taste that has left many a friend perplexed as to … Continue reading

OTHER: Æfterårs Æblegløgg/Autumn Apple Gløgg

A fresh alternative to red gløgg from claus meyer4 Servings Ingredients 3-1/2tbsp / (50g) raw sugar1  med / (7cm) vanilla bean4 whole cardamom seeds4 whole clovesLittle bit of fresh grated nutmeg4 whole allspice seeds1 slice / (1cm) fresh ginger3 tbsp / (1/2 dl) apple cider vinegar4c / (1 l) cold-pressed apple juice1 apple50 dried cranberries or … Continue reading


Once again…our cousin Claus Meyer has a new book. This time he has teamed up with his colleague Nicolai Halken Skytte from Meyers Madhus for a new baking book. It delivers an array of easy to follow recipes from the wonderful bread and cakes of Meyers own bakery. DANSK: “Meyers Bageri – ny bog udkommer … Continue reading