A Cheat Sheet for GoingTOPLESS WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR PANTRY…from the bottom up! See Topless Bread blog for recipes* FOUNDATION TYPES OF BREADS Multigrain Pumpernickel Bread (fuldkorns rugbrød)* White Bread (franksbrød / surbrød) –  use French / Sourdough Bread TYPES OF SPREADS Butter (smør)…I prefer using Danish Lurpak Butter or Danish Creamery Browned Butter … Continue reading


Here is a favorite recipe of mine for remoulade. Until this easy recipe landed in our laps, we had always bought ready-made tubes of the stuff to put on our sandwiches and there was not a danish market in sight for about 100 miles. Oddly, our Danish mother had never made the stuff and thus, … Continue reading